Tigrip® T-MAG Permanent load lifting magnet

Tigrip® T-MAG Permanent load lifting magnet

125 – 2.000 kg (flat material)
50 – 1.000 kg
(round material)


The permanent lifting magnets of the T-MAG series are ideal for the simple, fast and therefore economical transport of heavy workpieces made of ferromagnetic material. The use of high-quality neodymium material enables a large lifting force with a low dead weight.
Both flat and round materials can be picked up. The load is not influenced mechanically. After switching off, there is only a small amount of residual magnetism.
Thanks to the simple Easy Switch operation, the lifting magnet can be switched over quickly and safely with just one hand. This reliable system enables not only safe and practical, but also faster work with up to 40% time savings. When activated, the operating lever is locked by a safety lock so that unintentional demagnetization is prevented.

T-MAG 125 Tigrip

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Flat material:
max. capacity
Flat material:
min. material thickness with max .load capacity
Flat material:
max. material length
Round material:
max. capacity
Round material:
Diameter min. - max.
Round material:
max. material length
Test loadWeight
T-MAG 1251920476391252525005050 - 10025003753
T-MAG 25019204764025030350012560 - 200350075010
T-MAG 50019204764150040400025065 - 2704000150021
T-MAG 10001920476421000604500500100 - 3004500300040
T-MAG 200019204764320008050001000150 - 3505000600090


“Easy Switch”


Benefits & Features


The areas of application of this load handling device are very diverse and range from typical workshop applications to aligning tools in machining centers to rough use in steelworks, shipyards and even offshore.


The simple “EASY-SWITCH” switchover enables the magnet to be activated in the ON and OFF position with just one hand.
This user-friendly system increases efficiency and safety while working.
In addition, the large, robust hanging loop made of stainless steel allows it to be attached quickly to the load hook.


The TIGRIP T-MAG magnets are extremely reliable load handling devices.
Servicing and maintenance with the complete spare parts kit can be carried out quickly and easily by loosening the two screws. The magnetic system is guaranteed for 5 years.


  • The simple “EASY SWITCH” switching enables one-hand operation.
  • Extremely robust and compact design
  • Low maintenance and service-friendly
  • Low dead weight
  • Low residual magnetism after shutdown
  • High temperature range up to max. 80 ° C
  • Made in EU
  • Safety factor 3: 1 according to DIN EN 13155

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