The new Yale PYB cordless power pack provides a flexible edition to the Yale hydraulic programme. This extremely compact and lightweight power pack gives the user the freedom to operate in areas where there is no power source, increasing productivity over the conventional hand pump and all at the push of a button.
The power pack utilises a standard Hitachi LI-ION battery and charger to maximize operation.
Ideal for a range of applications using small to mid size single-acting cylinders, hydraulic spreaders, lifting wedges nut splitters and much more.

– One-Hand-Operation. Push-button integrated into ergonomic handle.
– Two-stage operation with automatic switch-over.
– With internal pressure relief valve.
– Reservoir made from aluminium, extreme low weight.
– Protective cover to prevent inadvertent switch on of pump.
– Rubber tank bladder enables the pump to be used in any position

– Electric power pack, battery driven
– Oil filled ready for work
– Female coupler half CFY-1
– Shoulder belt

Standard Hitachi batteries (Typ BSL 1850) and chargers are exclusively used.
– Battery model PYB-BAT, 18 V, weight 0.7 kg EAN-No. 4053981 982694
– Quick-charger model PYB-CHARG, 230 V and 12 V (car plug socket incl.) EAN-No. 4053981 982700
– Pressure gauge set model GYA-63 consisting of: gauge GGY 632, Ø 63 mm, 0 – 1000 bar
and adaptor. EAN-No. 4025092 155120
– Hydraulic hose model HHC (to complete the connection a male coupler half CMY-1 is required)