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YaleMtrac : the new endless winch

The Yale Mtrac ® endless winch combines state-of-the-art industrial design with technical innovation to solve a specific customer need – the need for a safe and simple handling solution for mobile applications.
We did just that. Because the rope of the endless winch is not collected during operation, there is no limit to the lifting height and traction length when using this product. And, with a full offering of wire ropes and accessories, this winch can be used in virtually any application requiring a hoist.

– Capacities 66 kg to 500 kg in single-reeved configuration (up to 1000 kg in two-part reeved configuration, optional).
– Control pendant (IP 65-type of enclosure) is connected via a control cable.
– Standard power cable has a length of 1.0 m and is fitted with a CEE connector plug (or a PE plug).
– Swiveling upper hook
– 42 V low-voltage control
– Ergonomic, fitted carrying handle features a comfortable plastic grip.
– Mounting feet fixed on the housing for easy set up.
– Standard operating voltages of 400 V, 3-ph, 50 Hz or 230 V, 1-ph, 50 Hz.
– Galvanized, high-density, rotation-resistant steel rope is 10 m long (dia. 6.5 mm) and features a safety hook with a rounded, plastic-coated tip at the loose end.
– Two spring buffers with adjusting rings can be attached to the wire rope to set the limit switches for both upward and downward movement.

– Drive sheave is made of especially hardened steel designed to ensure long service life.
– The patented (German Patent DE 10 2012 100 099) bi-directional paddle actuator ensures the rope is safely guided and securely held in place.
– Slip clutch is located outside of the load path for added safety.
– Limit switches ensure safe cut-out for the upper and lower hook positions.
– Electromagnetic brake holds the load safely, even in the event of a power failure.
– Winch is classified up to 1 Bm/M3 acc. to FEM/ISO.
– Winch is protected up to IP 55.


The Yale Mtrac endless winch features a unique bi-directional paddle actuator that allows the winch to move the rated load on both ends of the rope. A hook can be fitted on the unloaded rope end (as an option) thus eliminating no-load motions. How does it work? Once the load has reached the top position, the unloaded rope end with the other hook is automatically in the bottom position and a new load can be picked up immediately. The lifting frequency is doubled as the two falls can be evenly loaded alternately with the rated load.
*German Patent DE 10 2012 100 099

Each winch leaves our factory as a complete plug and play unit. The control cable with control pendant is connected, as is the power supply cable with the plug. The standard design also features a wire rope complete with fitted safety hook. The carrying handle is included as standard and load-bearing feet are provided on the lower part of the housing.

A compact and state-of-the-art design was at the focus of the Yale Mtrac. The housing is made of low-pressure, die-cast aluminum and the high-strength, glass-fiber reinforced plastic covers ensure low weight and outstanding rigidity. A carrying frame, available as an option, allows for easy, two-person transport and provides additional protection against damage when moving the unit or operating it in rough conditions.

Mtrac winches can be used vertically, at an angle or horizontally for versatility depending on your application. Optionally, the load capacity can be doubled with two-fall reeving. Bolting points on the housing allow the customer to attach the winch in a way that best suits their application.

Mtrac winches include reliable and proven Yale technology. The oilbath lubricated and case-hardened gearbox has a helical gearing for smooth operation and a long service life. IP 55-rated motor enclosure ensures reliable operation of the winch for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Standard winch models feature 42 V low-voltage control with built-in limit switches designed to stop the hoist when the hook has reached the upper or lower position. The operator can define the limit switch positions by simply relocating the spring buffers on the rope. The winch is also protected against overload by means of a slip clutch
that is designed to guarantee a permanent connection between the load and the brake.

Yale Mtrac winches are easy to service. Units are designed with a modular structure with all critical parts easily accessible. Re-adjusting the slip clutch and inspecting the brake is quick and easy as well. In addition, the handle, or carrying frame, can be quickly and easily assembled and removed.

Standard units have a comfortable plastic grip that allows for convenient one-person transport. The optional carrying frame features a grip on each handle, making two-person transport easy. And, because of the rounded housing, operator injury is minimized.

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