For all our products we carry out testing, maintenance, and repair work and not just in our workshops, but also mobile, with our test bus, and on your site. So you save time and money, as often repair and testing can be carried out at the same time.

Regular maintenance extends the lifetime of your devices and reduces the risk of accidents or injury.

We maintain your equipment, so that:

  • Sudden failure of your lifting equipment, load carrying devices, and slings through cracks or other damage is prevented.
  • Hidden defects such as wear is detected in a timely manner and fixed so that the equipment is ready for use long-term and safely!
  • Wear parts, e.g., brake disks are replaced before their function is impaired.

We repair all current brand products in our workshops. We organize the entire process in the framework of this service and ensure proper repair of the work equipment. This ensures that the time and effort you spend is minimal and the device is quickly usable again.