On-site support

We come to you!

A visit from a customer support agent is often the most effective form of fulfilling your individual wishes and requirements. We are sure that experienced-based and competent field service represents a key factor in a long-term and successful business relationship. Concerns can be discussed in personal meetings and sometimes even get resolved immediately. In addition, important information and impressions can be gathered on-site, which may be crucial for the quick and appropriate resolution of certain tasks.


Károly Kocsó
Sales Representative
Mobile: +36 (70) 392 5846
Email: karoly.kocso@cmco.com


Tibor Villám
Sales Representative
Mobile: +36 (70) 772 3186
Email: tibor.villam@cmco.com


Géza Jakab
Sales Manager
Székesfehérvár / Budapest
Mobile: +36 (70) 314 3831
Email: geza.jakab@cmco.com