Yale und Pfaff-silberblau Hoisting Equipment products are reliable and proven equipment renowned world-wide for applicatons in industry, trade and service. The comprehensive range includes manual and powered hoisting equipment for a safe lifting and handling of loads. Spring tensioners and Spring Balancer are used to relieve the operator from the weight of hand-tools.

  • The products feature a long service life as well as easy and quick maintenance or repair.
  • Our hoisting equipment products comply with national and international regulations such as the EC Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG.
  • The devices are subjected to an overload test in the factory and provided with a test certificate and operating instructions with a declaration of conformity or a manufacturer’s declaration.

Capacity 125 – 20.000 kg

CMCO Catalogue Nr.3
Ratchet lever hoists 14 – 21
Hand chain hoist 22 – 35
Trolleys & Trolley clamps 35 – 43
Electric- & Pneumatic chain hoists 44 – 68
Manual-, Electric- & Pneumatic winches 69 – 107
Rack & Pinion jacks 108 – 123